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Acebeam H60 Eye Protective Headlamp

The new Acebeam H60 headlamp utilizes the new SunLike Led TRI-R technology
for high CRI (>97) with spectral distribution as close to the sunlight as possible, which helps us become more productive. Different from other LEDs, the eight sun-like LED chips produce an amazing natural light with a high CRI rating so you can see colors in their true form. With zero blue ray discharge from the LEDs, there is considerably less strain on your eyes and is safe for younger users.

SunLike LED actualizes a spectrum closest to the sunlight,enables human-centric lighting optimized for circadian rhythms and realizes high quality light.

Light up objects in their natural colour
Eye protection, Less glare and Bring textures to life
Zero blue ray damage - keeping your eyes and those around you safe

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