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Blog posts of '2020' 'December'

Acebeam H60 Eye Protective Headlamp

The new Acebeam H60 headlamp utilizes the new SunLike Led TRI-R technology
for high CRI (>97) with spectral distribution as close to the sunlight as possible, which helps us become more productive. Different from other LEDs, the eight sun-like LED chips produce an amazing natural light with a high CR...

Acebeam X45 LED Flashlight

Long Range Monster
Packed with power and designed for durability, the Acebeam X45 LED Flashlight is the high-performance search light professionals have been waiting for! Powered by four high-current IMR 18650 batteries (included), this intense illuminator is able to emit up to 18000 Lumens of bright...

Long Range Hunting Flashlight L35

The Acebeam L35 is a new high performance long-range tactical LED torch. The L35 is powered by a single 21700 and the battery which is rechargeable via the included USB-C charging cable(Optional). It is equipped with CREE XHP70.2 and has a maximum output of 5000 lumens with peak beam distance of 480...

H50 Triple LED Wide Beam Angle Rechargeable Headlamp
H50 Triple LED Wide Beam Angle Rechargeable Headlamp

The Acebeam H50 is an incredibly bright LED headlamp that features an array of three LEDs of your choice. The LED is available as either extra powerful Samsung, neutral white Nichia or long throwing Osram. Each H50 model Headlamp features three of the selected LED and can toggled between all-on, sid...

Acebeam K75 Ultra-High Performance Handheld Searchlight

Incredible Throw in the Palm of your Hand

The Acebeam K75 is a searchlight unlike any other. With an incredible, unprecedented throw of over a mile, this flashlight will take your search and rescue operations to the next level. To put it into perspective, the K75 can reach as far as 27 football fie...


The Acebeam L-series of tactical flashlights have been around for a few years now. Starting with the Acebeam L16 which was introduced in the Summer of 2017, followed by the Acebeam L17 introduced in the Summer of 2020. The L17 featured some interesting design changes, swapping the L16’s reflector fo...


The Acebeam L17 is a compact thrower utilizing the tiny Osram White Flat LED (2mm²). A TIR optic focuses the majority of the light to a bright spot and minimizes the amount of light wasted on the spill.


Acebeam is making a name in the outdoor lighting world by "LIGHT WHERE YOU WANT IT", allowing the lights to come with a wide variety of useful modes and output levels. Recently, Acebeam is more focusing on hunting and tactical flashlights.

Beloved outdoor sports, hunting and tactical require the...

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